Class ProjectMeta


  • ProjectMeta



description?: string

extended description of the project.

donation_address?: string

address where donations are sent

epic_game_url?: string

epic game url used for epic auth & services

external_url?: string

link to the project website.

gallery?: GalleryMeta[]

videos and graphics of the project

image?: string

project image used for profile pic

launch_epic?: boolean

launch epic

launch_external?: boolean

launch project from external_url

main_capsule?: string

main project image used for discovery

name?: string

project friendly name

networks?: NetworkMeta[]

supported networks for smart contracts

prompt_donation?: boolean

whether to prompt for donation

repository?: string

repository used for deployments

short_description?: string

short description of the project.

systemRequirements?: {
    cpu: string;
    disk: string;
    gpu: string;
    memory: string;

hardware requirements

Type declaration

  • cpu: string
  • disk: string
  • gpu: string
  • memory: string
tags?: string[]

tags used for searching and categorization

type?: string

type used by clients to handle project

wineSupport?: {
    linux: boolean;
    mac: boolean;

supported compatibility layers (wine)

Type declaration

  • linux: boolean
  • mac: boolean

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